Your career is cleared for take off at TransDigm!

Become the next generation of Aerospace Leaders mentored by our leadership team who is invested in your success.  We engineer and manufacturer highly technical specified components used in most commercial/military aircraft and space vehicles.  We are one of the world’s largest aerospace component companies.  We generate over $5B in revenue and have over 13,000 employees at 47 operating units and approximately 100 manufacturing sites around the world.  Here is how our Management Development Program works:

  • 2-Year program with three 8-month rotational assignments at three separate operating units at domestic locations.
  • Available rotations in Operations, Product Development, Sales & Marketing, Supply Chain and Program Management.
  • You will work with a senior leader as your mentor who will help to guide/coach you to help accomplish your goals.
  • Upon completion, you will have the opportunity to fill open leadership positions at one of our 40+ U.S. based operating units.



Dont take our word for it, here is what our future leaders have to say….

“TransDigm’s Management Development Program has taught me countless lessons while allowing me to contribute in significant ways. The program has fostered both professional and personal growth by challenging me with a multitude of projects and by helping develop relationships with the leadership.”

 – Member of the Class of 2021


“Participating in TransDigm’s Management Development Program has been a truly transformational experience. The opportunity to immerse myself in various parts of the business and work with local leadership on projects that significantly impact the company’s bottom line provided the chance to meet top leaders who have had a lasting impact on me. The naturally resulting mentoring relationships inspired me and enabled me to grow as a person, both professionally and personally. In addition, the multifunctional exposure and related engagement with different teams in distinct locations allowed me to better understand where other people are coming from and how this influences culture and performance.”

– Member of the Class of 2020


“TransDigm’s Management Development Program organically translated my career aspirations into meaningful and metric-driven contributions.  Each rotation offered collaboration with the local leadership team on high-visibility projects.  These collaborative-based projects not only inspired new career interests, but fostered genuine mentor relationships at each rotation.  I would highly recommend aspiring candidates apply in order to further develop technical expertise and business acumen into meaningful action.

– Member of the Class of 2020


“TransDigm’s Management Development Program puts you in control of your future. Each rotation challenges you and forces you to show the very best of your abilities. It is in those challenging moments that you grow the most. You will also be working closely with the various Operating Unit leadership teams both on projects and as mentors/mentees. Each Operating Unit’s leadership team is active in ensuring you get the most out of every rotation. They’re committed to your development. You won’t find a program that better prepares you for your career.”

 – Member of the Class of 2019


“TransDigm’s Management Development Program was a great experience. Each rotation paired me up with a top leader in the company. They challenged me with a variety of projects that ranged from managing the integration of a new acquisition to programming collaborative robots. I was able to develop the skills needed to succeed in a variety of different positions throughout the company. This is definitely a huge opportunity to develop one’s skills and learn from some of the top minds in Aerospace and Defense.  Also, an added benefit was that I got to experience different parts of the country.”

 – Member of the Class of 2019