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Palomar Products is a global leader in highly reliable secure intercommunications systems for airborne and naval military applications to the world’s armed forces. This includes switching and crew-position units for airborne, shipboard, unmanned, and ground applications for multi-mission platforms. Palomar’s solutions allow sharing of platform communication assets in simultaneous clear/secure/top-secret TEMPEST compliant modes among mission participants through multiple interfaces, allowing the flexibility to transition to newer technologies and protocols within legacy environments, or to deploy completely new applications. Our systems perform in many mission types, including patrol, recon, attack, refueling, and transport, and are adapted to today’s multi-domain, evolving battlespace that encompasses multiple converging information networks. Palomar’s solutions today operate in over 250 unique aircraft and 9 classes of naval warships around the globe. Palomar is a trusted name in providing secure and reliable communications to the world’s armed forces.