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Airborne Systems is the world’s most trusted resource for military parachute design, development, manufacturing and placement into service. With a foundation of nearly 100 years we have built up a core of expertise of highly skilled engineers, craftsmen, and aerospace and defense professionals. With this expertise we have gone beyond our company’s original founding principle of landing aviators safely, to using advanced technology to develop a diverse range of products for all kinds of applications and missions. Our company creates and manufactures best-in-class personnel parachutes for the military; GPS precision guided cargo delivery systems; low cost cargo delivery parachutes; parachute releases; personnel and cargo systems; rescue and survival equipment; space and air vehicle recovery systems; and deceleration systems for high-performance aircrafts.

Providing renowned high-performance and quality products to global aerospace and military markets, as well as engineering design services, is what Airborne Systems North America is all about. We continue to build on our innovative accomplishments with an uncompromising commitment to provide best-in-class parachute products and services to our customers worldwide. Every day, we create value for our customers by changing and adding capabilities throughout the organization, from systems engineering and creative design, to project management and manufacturing, using the latest technological tools. At Airborne Systems North America, our customer service does not end at the sale. We strive to educate, train, and provide support for all our products to ensure the success of our customer’s missions. Their success is our #1 priority. Visit us at or at our YouTube channel.