Proprietary Aerospace Products With Significant Aftermarket

For over 30 years, TransDigm Group has been a leading producer, designer and supplier of highly-engineered component parts, systems and subsystems that are critical to the safe and effective operation of aircraft worldwide.

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Explore the products that our operating units engineer, manufacturer and service. Our businesses produce a wide range of products - including aircraft passenger seatbelts and airbags, cockpit security systems and parachutes, as well as actuators, controls, pumps, valves, switches and relay panels, cockpit displays and many other components and systems. There is a TransDigm product on nearly every commercial and military aircraft in service today.
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TransDigm is comprised of independently run market-leading operating units. While each TransDigm operating unit runs its local business autonomously and implements its own company-specific market strategy, they all share a common dedication to delivering reliable, quality parts efficiently, on time and with the highest standards. This is driven by a company-wide culture of innovation to benefit customers and generate new business development.
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Our goal is to provide private equity-like returns with the liquidity of a public market. We focus on optimizing value creation as well as careful management of our balance sheet. Everyone at our businesses thinks and acts like an owner. We operate a unique business model in the aerospace industry with a simple, well-proven operating strategy, based on our three value-drivers - generating profitable new business, productivity and cost improvements and value-based pricing.
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