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Since its founding in 1970, CDA InterCorp has been the leader in the design and manufacture of highly engineered, extremely efficient and reliable, Controllable Drive Actuators, Motors, Transducers and Gearing for technologically advanced control systems in space, defense, commercial aviation, “down-hole”, robotic, nuclear, and high reliability industrial control applications. CDA InterCorp’s entire range of products are designed to operate under the most demanding requirements of MIL-STD-810 and DO-160, while maintaining robust, reliable, performance characteristics and extremely high MTBF numbers. CDA’s modular products provide high torque and power output capacity within an extremely small mechanical envelope. This industry leading performance to size/weight ratio makes our products ideal for applications where size and weight are at a premium. Standard design features include class H225 insulation system, matched temperature coefficient of expansion materials, and high strength gearing. The operational thermal range for our products spans from 4K to above +240°C in a hard vacuum with higher operating temperatures available on request. Custom windings, operational voltages, frequencies, motor drive configurations, and mechanical interface options increase design flexibility for customer design engineers who must work with size constraints and limited electronic control options.

CDA InterCorp’s facility in Deerfield Beach, Florida, is a modern climate-controlled work area ideally equipped to support the production of CDA InterCorp’s full line of products. CDA InterCorp maintains a quality system certified to AS9100C and ISO 9001:2008.