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  • Industrial Gas Turbine (Young & Franklin)
  • Aerospace (Tactair)


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Young & Franklin / Tactair is a designer and manufacturer of precision controls for the land based turbine and oil industries (Young & Franklin) and the aircraft and defense industries (Tactair). Young & Franklin provides highly reliable valves and actuators for fuel and turbine air control to leading manufacturers and operators of industrial turbines across the globe. With an installed base of products running on more than 15,000 turbines, Young & Franklin’s impeccable reputation is based on technical expertise and product excellence.

Tactair provides hydraulic and pneumatic valves and valve manifolds, linear and rotary actuators and dampers, accumulators, and reservoirs utilized in control systems for wheel brake, landing gear, nose wheel steering, flight control, and hydraulic power generation, distribution and utility. Tactair product can be found on a variety of fixed and rotary wing business, commuter, transport and military aircraft, and marine and land vehicles.