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747 side cargo door
SLC with bags

TELAIR International is the world’s leading supplier for cargo handling systems and related products for commercial wide- and narrow body aircraft. With a wide range of products, we provide passenger and freight carriers the equipment to cost-effectively transport cargo while increasing revenues and profitability. We have been a leading supplier of containerized and bulk assist cargo handling systems for more than 50 years and originated many industry ‘first’ technology applications.

Telair is the global leading one-stop-shop for the design, manufacture and support of containerized cargo handling systems. We offer a full range of unit load devices and provides a wide selection of cargo and baggage handling systems to facilitate loading of non-containerized cargo compartments, primarily on narrow body aircraft.

In addition to the product portfolio we provide a broad range of services and programs to support OEM, Airlines, Operators and ground handlers in achieving the most cost effective operation, repair and maintenance of the components and systems.

Innovative designs combined with lean manufacturing and outstanding customer support, made us a key supplier for Airbus and Boeing as well as serving all major operators worldwide.