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Tube Connectors

AdelWiggins designs, manufactures and sells an extensive line of high-quality, custom designed fluid line components such as flexible connectors, quick disconnects, clamps, heaters and hoses, and lightning protection isolators. The company’s technical expertise and responsiveness in developing, qualifying, and certifying innovative solutions have established us as a market leader. The high quality, reliability in extreme operating environments, and on-time delivery of AdelWiggins products and services differentiate us from the competition. AdelWiggins products are found on virtually all aircraft produced in the world.

AdelWiggins is the consolidation of Adel Fasteners and Wiggins Connectors in 1993 by TransDigm. Both Adel Fasteners (founded in 1938) and Wiggins Connectors (founded in 1925) have a long history in the aerospace industry and enjoy strong brand name recognition in specialized vibration absorbing clamps and fluid connectors, respectively.