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Pexco Aerospace is recognized by OEMs as a leading supplier of plastic extrusions, injection molded solutions, components, accessories and fabrications. Our mission is to help design, manufacture and support the innovation of cabin interior structural and non-structural components and assemblies to meet the most exacting aviation and defense performance specifications and aesthetic demands. For over 30 years, Pexco Aerospace has been serving the aerospace industry’s unique and critical needs. Our ability to manufacture solutions to meet our customers most demanding requirements has established Pexco Aerospace as the go-to supplier for aircraft plastic extrusions, machined plastics and fabrication needs.

We are known by our customers, both big and small as the trusted supplier and an invaluable contributor to design projects. Our team of engineers and proven experience in several specialty segments ensure you receive the highest quality products to satisfy your unique needs. As a trusted manufacturer and advisor, our established, AS9100 approved facilities ensure that all of our products meet or exceed our customer requirements. Our capabilities are an extension of the reputable Pexco development and operating philosophy, which revolves around improving the customer experience. Working together we manufacture products that facilitate easier installation, improved reliability and drastic weight savings. With applications ranging from simple bump strips to complicated structural assemblies, Pexco Aerospace is well-suited to produce to your specific requirements.