The Doug Peacock Scholarship Program

Beacon Award
The Doug Peacock Scholarship Program
At TransDigm, we highly value the diversity and talent in our workforce, and we are dedicated to nurturing promising young individuals who may face barriers to developing their skills. As such, we established the Doug Peacock Scholarship program – named after one of our founders who passed away in 2020 – to provide educational opportunities, particularly in engineering and business, to minority students.

Approximately 840 scholarships have been awarded for the 2020-2024 academic years, which includes continuing to support many of the students from the previous, inaugural year of the program, which includes continuing to support many of the students from the previous, inaugural year of the program. TransDigm will continue expanding the Doug Peacock Scholarship program in future years.

RIT presented TransDigm with the inaugural “Corporate Beacon Award” in recognition of our commitment to diversity and inclusion. Click here for more information on The “Rochester on the Rise” Conference and Corporate Awards Gala Celebrate RIT’s 175th Anniversary | RIT

Our Mission
Develop, support and promote talented and diverse individuals who might not otherwise have the resources to pursue postsecondary educational opportunities. Leading to better innovation, decisions, and outcomes for everyone.
Assisting Underprivileged and Underrepresented Youth
One of our top priorities at TransDigm is developing and promoting a talented and diverse workforce. With cross-disciplinary competencies in mind, we have selected schools that promote a sound curriculum and experiential learning that give students the foundation they need to help solve the pressing global challenges of our time. Through the program we have a partnership with the below institutions to provide secondary education to engineering and business majors. We also provide educational opportunities for high school students impacted by poverty and educational inequality in the inner city of Cleveland.
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