TransDigm Group Inc. Sponsorship Brings New STEM Classroom to Great Lakes Science Center

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on June 23, 2023
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Cleveland, OH –  A brand new space for experiments, engineering challenges, lab workshops, robotics teams, field trips and summer camps is welcoming students at Great Lakes Science Center.  The TransDigm Group Learning Center opened in a newly renovated area of the Science Center recently, thanks to Cleveland-based, aerospace manufacturing company TransDigm Group Incorporated — a leading global producer, designer and supplier of highly engineered aerospace components, systems and subsystems that are used on nearly all commercial and military aircraft in service today.

“Whenever we seek to renovate existing areas, add to our footprint, or transform our galleries, the goal is always to provide high quality, informal STEM learning experiences that fulfil our mission to make STEM come alive,” said Science Center President & CEO Dr. Kirsten Ellenbogen. “By partnering to create this new space we have even greater opportunities to help children develop the skills industry leaders like TransDigm Group look to for a strong future workforce.”

Thanks to TransDigm’s investment, the Learning Center is now a key expansion site that will allow the Science Center to increase its capacity, serving even more future scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs and innovators. The Learning Center will primarily serve students from grades kindergarten through eighth, Camp Curiosity sessions, and high school FIRST Robotics students. The Science Center estimates that an additional 200 students per week will be able to participate in hands-on workshops during the school year, and another 200 campers over the summer. Nearly half of all students who visit the Science Center on field trips are from Cleveland Metropolitan School District schools or other Title I schools, which translates to more than 3,700 students benefiting from additional access thanks to TransDigm.


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Doug Peacock Scholarship Helps First-Year Drexel University Student Find the Perfect Fit

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on April 19, 2023
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Amarachi Kenneth-Gabriel , a Drexel University student

Cleveland, OH – Growing up the child of a former English teacher and a pharmacist, Amarachi Kenneth-Gabriel thought she would study the humanities or medicine when she went to college. But something inside of her was always fascinated by something else.  “Although they are quite silly at times, I always enjoyed the Fast and Furious movies, especially the community building through a shared love of cars,” she recalled. “I wanted to be like Dominic Toretto, building and driving fast cars.”’  Her interest grew when, to escape the monotony of staying at home during the pandemic, she would ‘run errands’ with her mother in the family car. “We would end up going on random road trips with no real destinations,” she said, “just enjoying the fresh air and just being outside.”

Kenneth-Gabriel decided to focus on mechanical engineering during her college search, hoping to spark a career in the automotive industry. Drexel quickly stood out.  “I wanted somewhere that fit me educationally, socially and financially,” she said. “On my visit to Drexel, I instantly fell in love with the vibe, its strong academic reputation and the diversity of both people, ideas, and activities.”

Knowing that two of her three boxes were checked, Kenneth-Gabriel searched the Drexel website for scholarship opportunities to help her defray costs. She applied for and received a Doug Peacock Scholarship. Sponsored by TransDigm Group Incorporated, a leading aerospace manufacturer, the Peacock Scholarship Program provides aid to students from traditionally underrepresented groups in STEM. The program is named for Doug Peacock, a founding CEO and Chairman of the TransDigm’s Board, who started the company with Drexel alum Nick Howley (BS ‘75).

“The scholarship made the difference between attending Drexel — my ideal fit school — and going somewhere else that wouldn’t give me what I needed,” Kenneth-Gabriel said. “It’s encouraging to be a woman in engineering and seeing that there are programs that support the growth of diversity in the field.”

As a first-year student, Amarachi has already taken advantage of hands-on learning opportunities offered in her labs and classes, especially Engineering Design, where she applied design concepts to K’nex bridge building and designing race cars. She has also jumped into clubs like the National Society of Black Engineers, Black Student Union and African Student Association, and of course Formula SAE. The activities have helped her become a more well-rounded student.

“My connection to these groups has helped me find my people, my community, and given me support I needed in challenging classes,” she said. “Some of these people I have met have quickly become some of my favorites and I can see us being a community post-graduation.”


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Stein Family commits $5 Million to build Integrated Science Center at Hobart and William Smith Colleges

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on January 10, 2023
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Mr. Stein with Professor Emeritus of Chemistry Kenneth Carle

Cleveland, OH – TransDigm’s President and CEO, Kevin M. Stein and his family have made a generous $5 million dollar commitment to Hobart and William Smith Colleges (HWS) to build a state-of-the-art science facility that will be the hub of scientific education.  Mr. Stein, who graduated from Hobart College in 1988, said “that studying math and science is like learning a language . One that’s practical, pragmatic and teaches wonderful problem-solving skills. We are excited about the opportunity to expose more students to a topnotch science education in a liberal arts environment and encourage well-rounded practitioners of this wonderful language,”

Stein added “STEM fields were always a passion, but it was at HWS where I found the mentoring and close relationship with faculty members, advisors, deans and presidents that was instrumental in my career. This inspired me to chase the challenges and keep learning new things. At HWS, I had the opportunity to take classes in the sciences, music, history, literature, foreign languages, art history. It’s pretty awesome that I can give back to the institution that really molded me and gave me a sense of purpose and commitment to community.”

“Our faculty and students will benefit tremendously from the new science center and the Stein family’s support for the life-changing teaching, mentorship and research opportunities that take place at the Colleges,” Hobart and William Smith Colleges President Mark Gearan said. “In his professional success and his commitment to HWS, Kevin exemplifies the power of the liberal arts and sciences — from research and mentorship on campus, to a prestigious graduate program and career, to supporting our community and helping generations of students. We are thrilled to embark on this exciting project as this gift ignites our plans moving forward.”

As a student, Mr. Stein received the Jensen Memorial Research Grant through the Rochester Academy of Science and the Durfee Award, given annually to Hobart’s most outstanding graduate. He graduated with high Honors in chemistry and as a member of Phi Beta Kappa, and went on to earn his master’s in chemistry and Ph.D. in inorganic chemistry, both from Stanford University.

Mr. Stein joined TransDigm as Chief Operating Officer of the Power & Control Group businesses in 2014 and became President and Chief Operating Officer in 2016. He was appointed President, Chief Executive Officer and Director of TransDigm in 2018.

Photo credit: Andrew Wickenden

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Extant Aerospace Awards Bruce Cox Memorial Scholarship

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on June 29, 2022
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Melbourne, FL – Extant Aerospace has recently awarded the Bruce Cox Memorial Scholarship to local Eau Gallie High School graduate, Stephanie Diaz.  The Bruce Cox Memorial Scholarship is awarded annually in memory of Bruce Cox, a long-time Extant technician, who was a beloved member of the Extant family and the Melbourne community at large. Extant is grateful to have this opportunity to have an impact on a young person who is pursuing higher education and continued learning. Congratulations Stephanie!

Pictured: Stephanie Diaz and Mark Phillips (VP Human Resources, Extant Aerospace)



About Extant Aerospace

Extant Aerospace focus is on supporting OEMs and their customers with sustaining product licensing, obsolescence management and aftermarket support services for aging, non-core electronics and avionics systems.  Extant licensing programs provide a high quality solution to the challenges that often accompany the continuing aftermarket support of these systems and components and enable OEMs to focus their resources on current products and new product research and development.  To learn more about Extant Aerospace please visit



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The TELAIR main deck cargo handling loading system solution for the 777-300ERCF is one of the most innovative and unique cargo loading system on the market. Due to the sophisticated technology, the TELAIR cargo handling and loading system can be operated both mechanically and fully electrically powered. Additionally, switching between modes of operation is possible even after the initial configuration, offering each customer maximum flexibility for the deployment of their fleet. In addition to the cargo loading system, TELAIR will also supply the floor panels to complement the mechanical and electrical handling and loading system. Through state-of-the-art design and manufacturing methods, TELAIR is able to design and produce the floor panel structure to fit the installation requirement best. Compared to traditional manufacturing and installation methods, the Telair floor panels offer a weight-optimized and production system tailored design, with reduced time for installation and removal during operation.

TELAIR’S innovative and high-quality components and system solutions increase aircraft capacity, optimize system integration and save weight and costs. The robust individual components ensure a longer in-service life, which leads to a significant reduction in maintenance costs. “Telair is honored to have been selected by Kansas Modification Center and NIAR WERX for this thrilling new freighter program,” said Ralf Schönzler, President TELAIR. “TELAIR has the most flexible load configurations, coupled with outstanding product support throughout the aircraft lifecycle. The KMC 777-300ERCF freighter will complement airlines’ express and cargo networks. We look forward to our partnership with Kansas Modification Center and NIAR WERX.”

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Leach high-reliability disconnect relays on board the NASA James Web Space telescope

on January 24, 2022
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Buena Park, CA – Leach International has recently announced that they are honored to have Leach high-reliability disconnect relays on board the NASA James Web Space telescope, which has now been fully deployed. The Webb Space Telescope is the largest and most complex telescope ever launched into space.

According to NASA, “Webb will fundamentally alter our understanding of the universe. It can observe the cosmos, from planets to stars to nebulae to galaxies and beyond – helping scientists uncover secrets of the distant universe as well as exoplanets closer to home. Webb can explore our own solar system’s residents with exquisite new detail and search for faint signals from the first galaxies ever made. From new forming stars to devouring black holes, Webb will reveal all this and more.” Congratulations to NASA for the successful deployment of the James Webb Space Telescope.

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