Employee Safety & Benefits

Employee Safety

Our commitment to manufacturing the safest, highest quality products is matched by our commitment to keeping our employees healthy and safe as they design, engineer and produce these products. We are dedicated to building, maintaining, and operating our facilities to effectively manage process safety, and to minimize risks. We also seek to empower and support our employees to prevent accidents and promote a healthy work environment. We require personnel to report and communicate risks, potential hazards, incidents and near misses so that they can be investigated, and appropriate action can be taken to prevent future issues. To underscore our commitment, we require each of our operating units to individually report on Environmental Health and Safety matters monthly to our executive team. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we have worked diligently to keep our workforce safe and healthy. This means strict adherence to guidance from the World Health Organization and the U.S. CDC to protect employees and prevent the spread of the virus within all of our facilities globally.

Employee Benefits

At TransDigm, our dedication to our employees goes beyond just offering competitive compensation. We are committed to providing a comprehensive benefit package that serves as an investment in employee well-being and professional development. To empower our employees financially, we provide retirement savings plans and opportunities for tax-free savings through flexible spending accounts and health savings accounts. We believe that our compensation programs, including base pay, bonus structures and equity programs, fairly reward our employees for their hard work. Additionally, we understand the importance of maintaining a work-life balance, which is why our employees receive paid time off and enjoy designated holidays. We also understand the value in furthering the knowledge and education of our current employee base.

In addition to formal and informal employee development programs within TransDigm and our operating units, employees can expand their careers by accessing tuition reimbursement programs. Some operating units also partner with local colleges to provide training courses to TransDigm employees. Access to programs such as these enhance our employees’ value to the Company, our customers and our communities. TransDigm’s equity compensation plans are designed to assist in attracting, retaining, motivating and rewarding key employees and directors, and promoting the creation of long-term value for our stockholders by closely aligning the interests of these individuals with those of our stockholders. TransDigm’s equity compensation plans provide for the granting of performance-based stock options. Equity compensation, and specifically stock options, is a significant component of TransDigm’s equity-based compensation strategy and value-based culture. Our approach to equity has a track record of success and we believe that the continued use of performance-based stock options will help retain the Company’s key employees and recruit the talented minds of the future.

Our U.S. Welfare Benefit Offerings Include

Medical Insurance

Dental and Vision Insurance

Life, survivor and AD&D insurance

Disability Benefits

Tuition Assistance

Various voluntary benefits

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