Spotlight on AmSafe

Spotlight on AmSafe

AmSafe® is the world’s leading provider of safety restraint products for the aerospace and defense industries. Most well-known for its aviation passenger seatbelts, it is, in fact, the technology leader in the manufacturing of aviation airbag restraint systems. AmSafe is the first and only company to have a seatbelt airbag system installed worldwide on both commercial and general aviation aircraft.

Headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, its products are used in both commercial and general aviation, military and civilian applications. Protecting passengers is a priority to AmSafe and its products help move millions of people safely and securely in the air. With manufacturing operations and service facilities around the globe, AmSafe is focused and committed to providing quality products and timely, cost-effective solutions to customers worldwide. Herb Mardany, President of AmSafe adds, “AmSafe has a long history of research, development and testing that inspires confidence in our products.  Add our commitment to helping customers improve safety, reduce cleaning costs and aircraft turn times and this is what enables us to be the world leader in restraint technology.”

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