MDP in UK and Europe

UK and European Management Development Program
Growing the managers of tomorrow with the youth of today. 2-year tailored grad scheme in aerospace and military. TransDigm's aim is to recruit and train the very best people for the aerospace, engineering and military industry. To do so we provide a range of career development programmes, seconding our Trainees to our UK and European companies on 3-4 placements over 2 years. TransDigm, a recognised Forbes most innovative company; is a global designer, producer and supplier of highly engineered aircraft components, systems and subsystems for use on nearly all commercial and military aircraft in service today. Each TransDigm company operates its local business autonomously and realises its own company-specific market strategy. Our companies are united in their dedication to delivering reliable, highly engineered parts efficiently and on time.
How does the program work ?

The European Development Management program is an incredible opportunity for you to kick start your career. What is on offer:

• 2-Year program with three 8-month rotational assignments at three separate operating units at locations in the UK and Europe.
• Available rotations in Operations, Product Development, Sales & Marketing, Supply Chain and Program Management.
• You will work with a senior leader as your mentor who will help to guide/coach you to help accomplish your goals.
• Upon completion, you will have the opportunity to fill open leadership positions at one of our TransDigm owned companies.

How long has the program been going?
The TransDigm Development Program is well established and had a huge success rate worldwide. Giving those who have been part of it the chance to use their University Degree and expand on it with practical experience. TransDigm are huge advocates for giving young people an opportunity that might not otherwise be so fortunate.
What makes this program different?
TransDigm believe in growing talent. Developing leaders. We are recognized for our innovations and enabling our people to build the businesses they are placed in. This program is only the start of what can be a Presidential position in one of our companies world wide. Also we believe in a sustainable future and therefor always looking at ways how to be greener and therefore are you to be successful we welcome innovative initiates to a greener and safer future.
We Are Excited to Continue on this Journey of Reducing our Carbon Footprint in our Fiscal 2022 and Taking Steps to Meet our Greenhouse Gas Emissions Goal 50% emissions reduction goal for Scope 1 and Scope 2 by 2031