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Commercial Model 5 mini push
Crew 1-11 FARS A330
Enduro Belt

SCHROTH Safety Products, with over 70 years of experience in the field of occupant protection systems have made us the go-to specialist for seat belts and passenger restraint systems. SCHROTH is among the global market leaders in aircraft seat belts for the civil, executive and general aviation sectors. At facilities in Germany and Florida, USA, the company develops and manufactures a large variety of restraint systems for the aviation industry. Currently, almost all Airbus passenger airliner models feature SCHROTH cabin-crew restraint systems, and numerous other prominent airlines keep their passengers safe with SCHROTH seat belts.

In addition, the SCHROTH also sees itself as a problem solver for occupant protection in specialized niche applications and markets, such as the development of safety belts and mine protected seating for military ground vehicles. SCHROTH not only holds a leading position on the global market in this particular sector, it is also a technology leader in seat-belt airbag systems. In another key area of operations, SCHROTH is the leading global manufacturer of motorsport seat belts and driver protection systems. Many of the teams and drivers participating in the various European championships as well as the overwhelming majority of teams in the American NASCAR and Indycar racing series use SCHROTH restraint systems to secure their drivers.