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M Pressure Switch 450 2 M Linear Actuator 474 1 E CIIS Cabin Harnesses Diehl Aircabin A350 Entrance Area EL

Our Mechanics operating units provides individual electromechanical actuators as well as entire actuation systems complete with control and power units. They have formed our core portfolio since EME was established in 1952. We cover the entire product life cycle from R&D to prototyping and qualification to manufacture. Our linear and rotary actuators ensure safe operation in a wide range of aerospace applications. Our Electrics operating unit provides aircraft wiring harnesses and other wiring equipment add up to a length of 500 km in a modern Airbus A380. Our build-to-print and build-to-specification components are manufactured in our well-equipped best-cost operation EMP in Paks, Hungary, where innovative production methods further optimize cost and productivity.

All of us at EME are dedicated to safeguarding the two pillars that our company has rested on since its establishment in 1952: Persistency and Innovation. Persistency when it comes to our immovable values – ultimate reliability, quality and flexibility, which we will never surrender. Innovation, where it is about staying ahead of the technology to help build better, lighter, safer and more economical aircraft.