Board Member W. Nicholas Howley

W. Nicholas Howley

CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors

Board Member Kevin Stein

Kevin Stein

President and COO

Board Member Robert S. Henderson

Robert S. Henderson

Vice Chairman

Board Member James Skulina

James Skulina

Executive Vice President and CFO

Board Member Bernt G. Iverson, II

Bernt G. Iversen, II

EVP – M&A and Business Develop.

Board Member Roger V. Jones

Roger V. Jones

Executive Vice President

Board Member Peter Palmer

Peter Palmer

Executive Vice President

Board Member Joel Reiss

Joel Reiss

Executive Vice President

Board Member Jorge L. Valladares III

Jorge L. Valladares III

Executive Vice President

Board Member Halle Fine Terrion

Halle Fine Terrion

General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer and Secretary

Not Pictured: Terrance Paradie, Executive Vice President and CFO, resigned January 2, 2018; Alex Feil, Executive Vice President; and Rodrigo Rubiano, Executive Vice President

Board of Directors

David Barr


Former Managing Director, Warburg Pincus LLC

William Dries

(2) (3)

Retired Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, EnPro Industries

Mervin Dunn

(1) (3)

President and Chief Executive Officer, Merv Dunn Management & Consulting, LLC and former Co-Chairman of the Board, Futuris Group of Companies Ltd.

Michael Graff


Managing Director, Warburg Pincus LLC and General Partner, Warburg Pincus & Co.

Sean P. Hennessy

(1) (2)

Senior Vice President Corporate Planning, Development & Administration and former Chief Financial Officer, The Sherwin-Williams Company

W. Nicholas Howley


Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors, TransDigm Group Incorporated

Raymond F. Laubenthal

Retired President and Chief Operating Officer, TransDigm Group Incorporated

Gary E. McCullough


Advisor to Abundant Venture Partners and Former Chief Executive Officer of Advertising Resources, Inc. and Career Education Corporation

Douglas W. Peacock


Retired Chairman of the Board of Directors and past Chief Executive Officer, TransDigm Group Incorporated

Robert J. Small

(1) (2) (4)

Managing Director, Berkshire Partners LLC

John Staer

(2) (3)

Retired Chief Executive Officer, Satair A/S

(1) Compensation Committee

(2) Audit Committee

(3) Nominating & Corporate Governance Committee

(4) Executive Committee